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Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in London


Carpet cleaning is one of the services we do best. It’s the most important service we provide and the one we focus and specialise with every job we do, every day, in all areas of London.

As no to carpet cleaning jobs are alike so are the techniques we use and the advice we give before starting our work.

Guaranteed Results by Our London Carpet Cleaners

The first step in our carpet cleaning process starts with free estimation which you will get over the phone from our team. Carpet Cleaning Services in London by Sterling Clean

We will ask for details about the fabric of the carpets you need cleaned. We will ask you general questions about the size of the carpet its shape and the type of fabric it is made from. Then our support staff will calculate aproximate price and schedule a service in convenient for you time.

When our carpet specialists arrive at your door, they will perform quick test on the carpet and inspect it to asses whether your rug is made of synthetic or natural fibers. Then our London carpet cleaners will proceed by treating the stains with cleaning solution with the appropriate Ph so it does not damage the fabric and discoulour it.

The second steps involves our expert technicians paying you a visit to inspect the carpets and to explain all the steps they intend to take, as well as the best cleaning method to use.

Sterling Clean carpet technicians usually opt for steam or dry carpet cleaning, as these two methods yield the best results and have been tested over the span of many years and proven as the most reliable in the cleaning industry.

Steam or Dry Carpet Cleaning?

Hot Water Extraction is a technique which allows our carpet cleaners in London to use the industrial-strength steam cleaning machines to inject heated water onto the carpet. Immediately afterwards, the moisture is extracted back with our dual hoover system back into the machine, along with dirt, dust mites and all other impurities found in your carpet. This method has been recognized as the most efficient not only because it removes the most dirt from the rug fibers but because it is able to hygienize the space and destroy all bio contaminants. As additional benefit your inhouse air quality would be significantly improved as the carpet would renew its air filtering capabilities.

Dry compound cleaning also called “Dry powder carpet treatment” is preffered for carpets and rugs made of delicate and fragile fabrics – vulnerable to water damage and cleaning solutions. This is the only way to properly clean fragile natural fibers without damaging them and remove sufficient amount of dust and dirt for an outstanding result. The dry carpet cleaning allows for a lighting fast clean – as it does not require drying time and people can walk on the textile immediately after our technicians are done with the procedure. The dry compounds we use are all derived from natural ingredients and are approved by the British Standards industry.

Our employees will return all furniture to its original place after the treatment is completed.

Also, our technicians will give you free advice on how to take care of your carpets to extend their life and keep them clean and fresh for a longer time.

Sterling Clean – Guranteed Cleaning Results!

In all cases, we provide a free re-clean guarantee to our customers, meaning that we will clean your carpets for free of charge again, should anything go wrong or you have any remarks on our service the first time.

This rarely ever happens as we are fully trained to NCCA standards and we’re the experts at what we do.

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