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Questions and Answers

We always provide free carpet cleaning advice over the phone or by e-mail, so for answers to such questions, do get in touch with us today.

Here is a list of common questions we’ve received over the years from our customers.

Before having your carpets cleaned by our technicians

What do you need to do before Sterling Clean technicians visit you to clean your carpets? Here’s some questions and answers:

  • Do I need to clear the room before having my carpets cleaned by your team?
  • It is recommended to remove the fragile and small items out of the room. For example, porcelain items, glass items and small cabinets should be removed to allow us access to the carpet. But don’t worry, our technician can help you with that, when they arrive at your property.

Chemicals and allergies: everything you needed to know

These are the most popular questions about the chemicals we use and the allergies you might be prone to develop.

  • What sort of chemicals do you use?
  • We carry over 60 different chemicals in our vans. All of them are approved by British Standards and are eco-friendly, so they do not harm the environment. Everything we do is clean, safe and it brings outstanding results.
  • I am prone to developing allergies. Will having my carpets cleaned by Sterling affect me?
  • If you are allergic to different chemicals, do not worry. All our staff are trained by the NCCA and they will consult with you and decide on the best chemical to use, if any. They will also remove dust mites from the carpets, in all situations, so the carpets, rugs and upholstery items stay hygienically clean.

Stain removal: What sort of results do we get?

We can remove a large number of stains from various types of fabrics. For more details, check out these answers:

  • Can you remove all the stains from my carpet?
  • No one can remove all types of stains, and anyone who claims they can either have no experience or hide the truth from their customers. Some stains are too old to be removed completely, whilst others are from chemicals that have affected the carpet too much to be removed without leaving a trace. The industry professionals can and will always vouch for that.

Questions and andwers about the techniques we use and carpet shrinkage

  • What techniques do you use in carpet cleaning?
  • We use either the dry or the wet carpet cleaning techniques. The dry cleaning techniques is recommended for more fragile items, whilst the wet techniques is intended for regular carpets, rugs and upholstery items. Both methods return outstanding results and Sterling Clean guarantee them.
  • Will the carpet shrink after being cleaned by Sterling?
  • In some rare cases, depending on the fabric of the carpet, it might shrink but not considerably. Give us a call and we will let you know exactly whether your carpet might be prone to shrinking or not.