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Sterling Clean prides itself on being able to professionally clean all types of rugs, including hooked, braided and custom made rugs, handmade rugs, acrylic rugs and all types of Oriental rugs.

From our experience we can tell from the start that no two rugs are easy to be cleaned the same way. That is due to the fabric the rug has been made from, the age of the rug and the amount of cleaning it requires.

Professional Rug Cleaning Services in London

Rug Cleaners London - Sterling Clean

We go with you over the phone through all the details about the rug you wish to clean, just to make sure you’ll get the best service available in London.

Once we’ve set up a meeting, our NCCA trained expert rug cleaners will visit your home property and inspect the rug.

At this step, you will get free advice and details on the techniques our team member will use, as well as on the cleaning solutions to be used for cleaning of the rug.

Sterling Clean technicians use two rug care methods: how water extraction treatment and dry powder cleaning (suitable for delicate fabrics vulnerable to water). Both of them bring great results, the difference is in the time it takes to clean the rug, as well as the type of rug it’s used on.

The cleaning techniques we use on rugs

The steam cleaning technique is also known as hot water extraction, it starts by injecting hot water and cleaning solvent deep into the rug fibers and then extracting it back immediately along with dust, dirt and all other impurities, leaving the rug fresh and clean. This method is especially great if you happen to have a pet or little kids – as the steam sanitizes the rug completely by destroying any bio contaminations such as bacteria, fungi, dust mites and other. Steam carpet cleaning is also known to be to best method to be applied if you suffer from allergies as nothing is able to exctract more dirt and dust than this method.

The dry compound cleaning method is effective for cleaning large areas very quickly as it requires no drying time and people can walk on the carpet immediately after. This method is also preffered for rugs made of deliccate natural fabrics which cannot be treated with heated water and potent cleaning solutions. By using the dry powder treatment our cleaners are able to extract large amount of dirt in a fast and efficient way – perfect for cleaning in the last possible moment when your time is limited and you cannot afford to wait for the rug to dry up.  If you happen to have an antique, oriental or persian rug vulnerable to water damage our professional rug cleaners would probably recommend this method.

In both situations, the results are outstanding and they extend the life of the rugs, while also refreshing their colours. In addition to that we  canguarantee the removal of any stubborn stain no matter if it red wine, coffee or blood. Then we can apply Scotchgard stain protector so your rug will repel liquids and won’t get stained easily.

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We are highly recommended by both private and commercial clients for our rug cleaning services. In fact, we have over 95% of our clients say that they are satisfied with the service and will use us in the future and recommend our cleaning services to their friends. So if you need an expert rug cleaning service just take the phone and dial 0203 390 2156 !